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This brand new James Jessop Pro Model on Horrific Skateboards Limited Edition of 33 . Eight inch popsicle street shape.

2020 design collabourtion between worldwide renowned street vandal TEK 33 & legendary UK skater Chris Connolly who’s long been known for his artistic skills ever since his 1989 Team Outrageous & afro graffiti b-boy characters still unbeatable in 2020. Connolly has painted Jessops portrait especially for this design for Horrific Skateboards .

The board features the famous panther throw up as ‘seen’ in New York / Barcelona / Montpellier & London etc in 2010 there’s nothing ‘Krooked’ about this street cat lets get that straightend out now !!! this cats been on the street 10 years deep - Comes in a special Buntlack Rosa Pink Cat O33 . Tek 33’s favourite colour can of 1987 Cowling & Wilcox So Ho Saturdays London rack ups all the way back to Leighton Buzzard on a child one day travel card...

Get them while you can the one & only James Jessop / Tek33 Pro Model ...Ψ’’